Everything about Cemented Carbide

Cemented carbide is a very hard metal. The hardness of this metal is more than that of stainless steel and iron . It is just second to diamond in its hardness. Also, cemented carbide is as heavy as iron and weighs the same as gold. It is not just hard but even possesses superior elasticity and strength. The best thing about cemented carbide is that it does not lose much of its strength in high temperatures. Other special qualities of this metal include highly wear resistant. And perfect to be use in different metal molds and tools. Furthermore, it is important to note that this is in no ways natural metal. Instead, it is man-make metal made up of cobalt and tungsten carbide.

Carbide Bar

Because of its strength and hardness, cemented carbide bar is use in different metal cutting tools, like milling cutters, lathes and drills. Carbide bars are also use for different metal molds, like aluminum drink can molds; molds for different electrical components in cell phones and other electronics and powder compacting molds for the parts of automobile engines. The bars are also use for making tools that are use for breaking up bedrocks during shield tunnelling and for cutting the surfaces of asphalt on the roads.

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