Know the Different Kinds of Carbide Button

Carbide is a steel alloy usually mined and exported from China. Carbide is utilized in several industries consisting of mining, road construction, metal tooling, machining stores, and numerous pieces of a system wherein a metallic tougher than metal is essential. Carbide buttons are used to boom the power of diverse equipment. Noticed blades are frequently equipped with those carbide buttons on their cutting suggestions to provide a stronger and cleaner finish to the cuts or machining operations.

Carbide is one of the hardest and maximum warmth-resistant alloys recognized to guys. When an enterprise wishes equipment that is reliable, long-lasting, and resistant to day-to-day use harm, they depend upon tungsten carbide to meet their needs. The most powerful fabric is diamond, and that generally isn't a lower-priced alternative in most industries.
Cemented carbide buttons have their unique working performance, so they are widely used in oil drilling and snow shoveling, snow plough machines and other equipment.

At the same time, it is also used for mining machine drilling tools, mining machinery tools and road sweeping snow removal and road maintenance tools. Quarrying,
Mining, tunnel engineering tools, and civil construction.

According to different oilfield drilling machinery, such as roller cone bits, down-the-hole drill bits, geological drilling tools, cemented carbide buttons are divided into different standard styles: P-type flat top position, Z-type coin ball position, and X-type wedge position.

Stability and high technology ensure the high quality of our products. Carbide buttons are often used as mining machine drilling tools, mining machinery tools and road maintenance tools to remove snow and clean roads.

Cemented carbide mining buttons are also widely used as excavation tools in quarrying, mining, tunnel excavation and civil construction. In addition, it is also used as a drill bit accessory for heavy-duty rock drills or deep hole drill bit tool accessories.

Cemented carbide buttons have superior wear resistance and impact toughness, and have a higher drilling speed than similar products. The spherical tooth series bit has a long passivation service cycle, and its work life is about 5-6 times the life of the same diameter blade bit bit. It is beneficial to save auxiliary man-hours, reduce workers' physical labor and speed up the construction speed.

Here is the grades of the carbide buttons. Different grades different application. You can choose the suitable grades for your application.